My thinking, and thus my work, revolves around deconstruction and reconstruction. By constantly going back to the roots, I destroy and rebuild in an attempt to discover my cultural identity and express human values.

Tradition and preciousness are also two notions of vital importance to me. Coming from a family of goldsmiths, I have always respected the traditional techniques; yet I have been trying to use them in my own personal way. While preciousness for me is not related only to the value of the material, but, mostly to the story and symbolism a piece of jewelry carries. One of my greatest challenges is to transform a non-precious material into a valuable piece by highlighting its hidden qualities.

I draw my inspiration from everyday life and my surroundings, as well as architecture, geometry and primitive forms. I am usually working with hard materials; silver, bone and wood. Their resistance, duration in time, toughness and corrosion are attributes that truly fascinate me and are often reflected on my work.

I perceive jewelry as something intimate. It is a channel of communication with myself and others, as it allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and aesthetics. I make little sculptures as an extension of the human body. The intention is for these pieces to serve as a social statement for the person wearing them, and not just as a decorative item. It is all about jewelry inspired by humans for humans.

Anastasia Kandaraki was born in 1983 in Athens.
In 2005 she took her first degree in “Marketing and Advertising” at Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH). Being a restless spirit and having grown up in a family of goldsmiths she was looking for something more creative. She started experimenting with jewelry in her father’s workshop until one day she decided to begin her studies on the art of jewelry. She studied one year at silversmithing and jewelry design school Mokume in Athens and then, in order to develop her artistic skills, she went to Florence, Italy, where she completed a three-year study of designing and manufacturing jewelry in Alchimia School (school of contemporary jewelry).  She is taught by renowned artists and teachers in the field of contemporary jewelry such as Peter Bauhuis, Lucia Massei, Doris Maninger, Manfred Bischoff, Ruudt Peters and Robert Smit. In 2012 she attended a contemporary jewelry workshop with Christoph Zellweger. In 2014 a workshop with Charon Kransen and in 2015 a workshop with Jorge Manilla and Ruudt Peters. Since 2008 she has been participating in exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.
Currently, she lives and works in Athens. In 2011, wanting to share her passion for jewelry she decided to create Anamma studio, where until today she teaches and organizes contemporary jewelry seminars and exhibitions.

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